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Cans of Dr Pepper's Journal

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Wednesday, September 5th, 2007
7:33 pm

I was pointed to this community to share icons of Dr Pepper. They are all, sadly, the current can... but it is in icon format for any who decide to also show their Dr Pepper love in such a way. (Come on, candle light, Dr Pepper and a flower? How can you go wrong!)

Icons [15 total] can be found here.

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Friday, June 15th, 2007
4:28 pm - SCANDAL!!

As many of us Dr Pepper fans know, the can was redesigned a little while ago to look like 'tis.

Replacing the old design of this.

Luckily for me I had a few cans of the old design hidden away in my closet, so my children may know of it's greatness, or perhaps sell it for drug money.

BUT WHAT HAPPENS?! IT'S FUCKING STOLEN!! By my thirsty family no less.

What the hell, seriously.

I still have an ancient can of Ye Olde Dubline Dr Peppyre in my safe deposit box though, thank god.

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Wednesday, May 30th, 2007
4:47 am

If anyone has any of the dr.pepper codes for the band in the bubble thing that they arent going to use could you please post them to me? I have a couple friends who are huge cartel fans and would love to see them in the bubble. Unfortunately, i don't drink caffeine so i can't help them. thanks all you dr. pepper lovers!

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Thursday, April 26th, 2007
8:06 pm - Dublin Dr Pepper.

Is it me, or is it that once you drink Dublin Dr Pepper regular Dr Pepper tastes like crap and other sodas are almost intolerable to drink.

After drinking the magical brew my soda tastes have heightened to an inhumane extent and I am able to really taste almost everything in any soda I've ever drinken.

It may have ruined my sodas for the rest of my life, but it was so worth it, I need more now.

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Sunday, July 2nd, 2006
9:41 pm

Two things!

1) Does anyone know where I can either a)find a high quality picture of the new Dr. Pepper can (the one with the 23 flavors on it for the contest) or b) Can someone make me a 100x100 of the "Dr Pepper Est. 1885" from the can?

2) Does anyone know what the 23 flavors are? Nevermind! :)

current mood: contemplative

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Wednesday, October 19th, 2005
12:42 am - Dr Pepper in New Zealand!

Kay, I realise this is probably boring as hell, but Dr Pepper has arrived in New Zealand. And here's a photo of a can which I became the proud owner of as soon as I saw it in a convenience store. Am now addicted.

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Thursday, September 22nd, 2005
3:27 pm - Buy a car, get a Dr. Pepper

I just went in and bought a new car today, and the dealer offered me a free soda. I got a Dr. Pepper.

So in effect, I just bought a $17,000 Dr. Pepper. Beat THAT! :D

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Wednesday, August 31st, 2005
1:01 am

Anyone else here ever get pissed off when you walk into a place and ask for a Dr. Pepper, and the response is "I'm sorry, we don't have Dr. Pepper. But we have Mr. Pibb!" I'm sorry, if the doctor isn't in, I don't really want to see his cut-rate stand-in. Mr. Pibb didn't go to all those years of Peppery Medical School; I wouldn't trust my tastebuds to his unskilled... err, hands?

current mood: bitter

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Wednesday, July 13th, 2005
7:49 pm

Join for free bannersCollapse )

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Tuesday, June 14th, 2005
7:20 pm
stupidh91 join join, it a kick asss community


go here to join -----> http://www.livejournal.com/userinfo.bml?user=___prettytragic

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Sunday, May 22nd, 2005
9:12 pm - New

Hey I'm new on this community and I'm from the UK. I was reading through the posts and realised how shit the UK is! We dont have different flavours of Dr Pepper on cool cans. I mean how shit is that?
Oh well i'll just have to move to America.

current mood: amused

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Monday, April 18th, 2005
5:20 pm - behold

I sat this atop my cube at work..

current mood: caffeine!

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Friday, March 4th, 2005
5:59 pm

ha. this looks so funny it looks very very tacky sorry

tacky dr. pepper canCollapse )

current mood: artistic

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12:43 am

I found this on a search...I thought I'd share...Sorry if it's already been posted :D

Dr. Pepper is Love.


current mood: bouncy

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Thursday, March 3rd, 2005
4:51 pm

dr. pepper can(s)Collapse )

current mood: bored

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Sunday, February 27th, 2005
3:40 pm
neverland______ Has anyone had the Diet Cherry Vanilla Dr.Pepper?
Ohhh myyy gawdddd. It so totally owns. <3333

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Friday, February 18th, 2005
3:58 pm
neverland______ i made a Dr.Pepper collage thinger. CLICKCollapse )

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Friday, January 21st, 2005
5:20 pm

I'm an artist, and I love Dr. Pepper. So i worked my magic. A Crushed Dr. Pepper Can is the product.

Dr Pepper Can ArtCollapse )

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12:44 pm

I wonder what the hell it is about the shit that's so good? i don't know but i love it. I am getting a Dr. Pepper can tattoed on my arm next week. I think two 2 liters and 8 20 oz's a day qualifies me as Obsessed.

If you have a Wal-Mart where you live, they sell these for $11.99, all of you should get some, if you're a DEVOTED Dr. Pepper addict.
Dr Pepper PajamasCollapse )

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Tuesday, January 18th, 2005
10:04 am

hmm old dr pepper...
id still drink it, =] haha

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